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Phantom Shred Fat burner

Phantom Shred Fat burner

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Elevate your weight loss journey with Phantom Shred Energy and Focus Blend (424 mg). Unleash quick energy and heightened alertness with Caffeine Anhydrous. Enhance mood and focus through Phenylethylamine HCl, promoting neurotransmitter release. Control cravings with Chicomannan, a soluble fiber that fosters a feeling of fullness. Our Thermogenesis Blend (40 mg) features Raspberry Ketones to break down fat cells, Yohimbe Bark to aid fat oxidation, and Green Tea Extract for metabolism boost. The Lipogenic Blend (7 mg) contains L. Carnitine Base, aiding fatty acid transport for energy, and Cola acuminate seed to increase metabolic rate. Reach your goals with Phantom Shred's dynamic blends.


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