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Power Building Strength Kit

Power Building Strength Kit

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Weight lifting belt:
  • Increased core stability and reduced risk of lower back injuries.
  • Improved lifting performance and ability to lift heavier weights.
Wrist straps:
  • Enhanced grip strength and improved holding of heavy weights.
  • Reduced forearm fatigue during exercises.
Wrist wraps:
  • Increased wrist stability and support during pressing exercises.
  • Joint protection and reduced strain on the wrists.
Knee sleeves:
  • Joint support and stability during squatting and lunging exercises.
  • Improved blood flow, warmth, and potentially faster recovery.
Knee wraps:
  • Increased knee stability and support during heavy lifts.
  • Enhanced performance and ability to lift heavier weights. 
Set includes 
1 Weight belt
1 set knee sleeves 
1 set knee or elbow wraps 
1 set wrist straps 
1 set wrist wraps 


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